Risen Christ

With liquid dripping from one knee, the bronze sculpture of the Risen Christ has been a mystery in Medjugorje since 2001. While the nature of the liquid is itself mysterious, the mystery as such has just increased, for these days the unknown substance flows from both legs of the
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The Paths Through the Vineyards

We travel by foot to the sites in Medjugorje, which brings us through the vineyards where millions of feet from pilgrims around the world have passed before ours. Rich and poor, families and religious, kings and servants, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, atheists…all pilgrims, all seeking truth, all seeking God.
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Apparition Hill

Apparition Hill overlooking the village of Medjugorje just before daybreak, just as Our Lady is leading the world to a new dawn. Think of it, well over 12,000 apparitions! Our Lady has been on the Earth everyday for over 28 years! All attention is on Her. Of man and of
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St. James Church

The Apostle St. James the Greater, of whom the church of St. James in Medjugorje was dedicated, is the Patron Saint of Pilgrims. This is just one of many acts of God’s providence that helps to reveal the larger picture behind the events of Medjugorje. “St James Church in
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Cross Mountain

It has been said that the moon is the perfect analogy for Our Lady because the moon’s light is only a reflection of the sun shining upon it, but that reflection gives off so much light that it lights up the darkest night. In Medjugorje, the moon can be
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